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Hospital Lifts are designed considering the specific needs of the hospitals and Patients and those need care. For this, it is necessary that it functions with absolute precision. Our Hospital Lifts are designed for people to easily enter and exit, and reach their destination quickly and comfortably. We offer Hospital Elevators in various sizes with 13, 15 and 26 passengers Capacity. A 26 Passengers stretcher lift can accommodate an OT bed, attendees along with the equipment.

Are Hospital Lifts safe?

Yes. They are absolutely safe. We care for our customer’s safety. Our experts conduct every inspection of lift to provide optimum safety to people.


What are the options are available in Hospital Lift ?

We take care of every need of Hospital & Patients in our hospital lift. Our Hospital lift includes different options.

  • We provide the different passenger capacity options like 10 passengers to 15 passengers.
  • We also have option of a 13 Passengers stretcher lift can accommodate an OT bed, attendees along with equipment.

How does the Hospital Lift work?


The Hospital lift works with the MRL & Traction mechanisms. Traction mechanism includes machine room. Speed range of Hospital lift is 0.5m/sec to 1.o m/sec.

How much overhead clearance do I need for my Hospital Lift ?


Overhead clearance depends upon the cabin height, the type of elevator or traction, MRL and hydraulic overhead clearance which is measured from the top finished floor to the nearest abstraction in the elevator shaft.

Types of LiftsOverhead clearance
Traction Hospital Lift ( With Machine Room )Overhead clearance: 4700 mm
MRL Hospital lift (Machine Room Less)Overhead clearance: 5200 mm
Hydraulic Hospital liftOverhead Clearance: 4000 mm

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Hospital Lift’s Features

Hospital Lifts Package Details

Minimum Order Quantity
1 Unit
Three Phase
Speed Range
Number of stops
0.5 m/sec to 1.0 m/sec
G+1 and Above
Maximum Load
10 Passengers(800 kg and Above)
Drive Type
AMC/After Sales Service
Cabin finish
Stainless Steel, MS Powder Coated, Customized
12 Months
Drive Technology
Door Operations
MRL, Traction( With Machine room)
Manual, Automatic, Semi Automatic
Minimum Order Quantity1 Unit
VoltageThree Phase
Speed Range0.5 – 1.0 m/sec
Number of Stops
G+1 & Above
Maximum Load
10 Passengers (800 Kg and Above)
12 Months
Door TypeV3F
Drive Technology
MRL, Traction (with Machine Room),
Door Operation
Automatic, Manual, Semi Automatic
AMC/ After Sales ServiceProvided
Door Type
Cabin Finish
Stainless Steel, MS Powder Coated, Customized

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