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The Car Lifts are very essential mode of transport used for the easy movement of cars and small vehicles across the floors of residential and commercial buildings, malls, hotels, hospitals and showrooms. Car Lifts are a significant part of high rise car parking. These Systems are customized to your building to allow quick entry and exit, providing safe operations with minimal noise and vibrations. No need to search for your car, or worry about forgetting where you parked. We offer automobile elevators of appropriate size with a load carrying capacity of 2.5 tons and featuring operated doors. Our system provides ease of use with simple operations. We offer a very compact and gearless drive unit and hydraulic systems for Car Lift.

What are the different Car Lifts?

We have expertise in 2 types of car lifts mechanisms

  • Traction Mechanism Car lift.
  • Hydraulic Mechanism Car lift.

How much the maximum capacity of Car Lift?

We provide car lifts capacity range from 2000 kg to 3000 kg which are sufficient for lifting any car.

Types of Lifts Overhead clearance
Traction Car Lift ( With Machine Room ) Overhead clearance: 4700 mm – 5300mm
Hydraulic Car lift Overhead Clearance: 4000 mm

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Car Lift Features

Car Lifts Package Details

Minimum Order Quantity
1 Unit
Three Phase
Speed Range
Number of stops
0.3 - 0.5 m/sec
G+1 & Above
Maximum Load
2000 / 4000 kg
Machine Room
12 Months
Drive Technology
Stainless Steel, MS Powder Coated
MRL, Traction( With Machine room), Hydraulic Type
Door Operations
Type of Doors
Automatic/ Manual
Centre Opening, Side Opening, Bi-Parting Doors
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Unit
Voltage Three Phase
Speed Range 0.3 – 0.5 m/sec
Number of Stops G+1 & Above
Condition New
Maximum Load 2000 / 4000 Kg
Warranty 12 Months
Machine Room Customized
Drive Technology MRL, Traction (with Machine Room), Hydraulic Type
Door Operation Automatic / Manual
Material Stainless Steel, MS Powder Coated
Type of Doors Center Opening, Side Opening, Bi-parting Doors

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