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The Home Lift is a wonderful package incorporating luxurious mix of technology, aesthetics and craftsmanship that can truly supplement the decor and comfort of your dream home. We also maintain safety and security standards at the optimum level. It adds as a helping aid for the disabled. Impress your guests with the multi-featured marvel designed with the kind of options that you and your architect would love to explore. It’s not just a luxury, but a status symbol too.



One of the initial basic model of reliable lift with manual doors options with MS powder Coated Cabin.


Classy, the upgraded version of Eco model comes up with wide range of MS Powder Coating shades for cabin interior & Doors.


Magna model is a combination of customized SSHL with designer Etching sheets or a plain hairline cabin as per your requirement with fully Automatic Doors.


Superb is the model with customize glass work and the designer etching sheet work for cabin & doors


One of the most premium model with attractive range of customize unique glass work like brown, painted and fabricated glass for lift cabin

Home Lifts are safe?

Yes. They are absolutely safe. Residential elevator is subject to strict manufacturing and installation procedure that is meant to protect consumers and offers maximum safety. As long as your elevator is properly installed by professionals, you can rest assured that it will operate smoothly with its long list of safety features.

What are the decorative design options ?

We have wide range of decorative options for your home lift. Elevators will come with different etching panels. You can choose different colors or opt for hardwood veneers and raised cab designs. Options fixture finishes, handrails, and car operating panels are available as well as.

How much overhead clearance do I need for my Home Lift?

Overhead clearance depends upon the cabin height, the type of elevator or traction, MRL and hydraulic overhead clearance which is measured from the top finished floor to the nearest abstraction in the elevator shaft.
Types of Lifts Overhead clearance
Traction Lift ( With Machine Room ) Overhead clearance: 4500 mm
MRL lift (Machine Room Less) Overhead clearance: 5100 mm
Hydraulic lift Overhead Clearance: 4000 mm

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Reliable Lift’s Features

Home Lift Package Details

Minimum Order Quantity
1 Unit
Single Phase / Three Phase
Speed Range
Number of stops
0.5 m/sec
G+1 to G+5
Maximum Load
3 - 8 Passengers
Maximum speed(m/s)
Speed Range
0.5 m/sec
0.15 m/sec to 0.5 m/sec
Drive Type
12 Months
GMV Italy Hydraulic Powerpack Operated
Machine Room
Not Required
Stainless Steel, MS Powder Coated, Glass, Customized
Drive Technology
Door Operations
Hydraulic Type
Manual, Automatic, Semi Automatic
After Sale Service
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Unit
Voltage Single Phase / Three Phase​
Speed Range 0.5 m/sec
Condition New
Maximum Load 3 – 8 Passengers
Speed Range (m/s) 0.15 m/sec – 0.5 m/sec
Maximum Speed (m/s) 0.5 m/sec
After Sale Service Provided
Warranty 12 Months
Drive Type GMV Italy Hydraulic Powerpack Operated
Machine Room Not Required
Material Stainless Steel, MS Powder Coated, Glass, Customized​
Drive Technology Hydraulic Type​
Door Operation Manual, Automatic, Semi Automatic​

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