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Lifts Safety:Everything You Need To Know About Lift/Elevator Safety

Lifts are become the basic necessity of any building. But have you ever thought that your lift is safe or not? We are sure you don’t know the answer cause when we thought about accident we only remembers car accident, industrial accidents, etc. Billions of people all over the world use lift/elevator every day. So we have collected the all the safety information which is related to lift safety. So, here’s our blog on everything you need to know about lift safety.

Basic Safety Instructions for Passengers:

Most of the accidents related to lift are occurred due to ignorance of basic safety instructions by the passengers. So here are some basic safety instructions for passengers to keep in mind.
  • Watch your steps every time while boarding in Lift/Elevator.
  • Always Keep Distance from Lift/Elevator door always keep cloths & other carried material away from Lift/Elevator door.
  • Never try to stop the closing door with the help of any body part or with other things always use door opening buttons only.
  • In case of Emergency like fire or other situations use stairs only.
  • Do not push peoples in front of you while exiting from Lift/Elevator.
  • Prevent small children’s from playing around Lift/Elevator.
  • Prevent small children’s from traveling in Lift/Elevator alone.

Basic instructions for Lift/Elevator operator to take care of:

Lift/Elevator operators are responsible for taking care of Lift/Elevator passengers & preventing lift from going out of order. So here are some instructions which should followed by Lift/Elevator operators.
  • Immediately report any unsafe conditions identified during the daily inspection to your Supervisor.
  • Never use a Lift/Elevator without receiving proper safety training.
  • Always utilize all safety features per the manufacturer’s instruction.
  • Become familiar with Lift/Elevator points, which can be found in the service manuals and/or manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Maintain a clean work area to avoid slip or trip hazards that can cause injury.
  • Windows of machine room (If available) always keep closed such way water will not enter in machine room.
  • Do not enter in Lift/Elevator machine room and near to control panel with wet raincoat.

Responsibilities of Lift/Elevator companies:

Every Lift/Elevator company should take care of safety rules while manufacturing as well as installing Lift/Elevator. We are mentioning some of the responsibilities which should take care by every Lift/Elevator related company
  • Ensure daily inspections and proper operation of locking devices, shut off devices for over travel, lift controls, drive chains wire rope, hoses, wiring, hydraulic leaks, floor cracks, and anchors.
  • Always ensure the all emergency related facilities are installed & working.
  • Ensure that all users of the lifts are properly trained in the safe operation and maintain the training logs.
  • Many lift service companies provide training as an additional value added service.

Things keep in mind by passengers in emergency situations:

  • If Lift/Elevator stopped always remain calm wait for Operator to arrive. Don’t panic regarding air there is always air circulation facility in Lift/Elevator.
  • Find the “HELP” ,“Phone Button”, or “Alarm Button ”which will brings help for you from building or from Lift/Elevator company.
  • Never try to exit by yourself from stopped Lift/Elevator wait for trained person who will help you for rescuing through emergency situation.

So these are the important points for every Lift/Elevator passenger’s safety.

Always follow the safety rules. If you have any quires related to Lift/Elevator safety you can contact us on our customer service number we will definitely help you.

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