Touchless Operations

Can we call an elevator without touch? Is there any handfree tool? Can we avoid physical contact?

All the queries are now solved !!! How?

Reliable Lifts bring you the specially designed Touchless Operation Control Panels for your elevators.
It gets easily installed with your existing elevators.
It’s proven. It’s completely safe. And totally virus free.

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+91 95183 89185
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Customize your personal elevator with our Advanced System!!! Yes, its possible !!!

Safe your elevator Virus Free with the help of Add On Feature of us i.e., QR Code Security Systems !!!How?

Reliable Lifts bring you the specially designed QR Code Enabled Control Panels for your elevators.
Now, its touch free, you just need to scan the QR Code at the floor to call the lift through your mobile app and door will get opened at the same floor. The next call can be book with the same mobile app. Hence, no any touching to the system.

It gets easily installed with your existing elevators…
It’s proven. It’s completely safe. And totally virus free.

For more details, please contact :
+91 95183 89185
+91 87932 42121
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Want To Modify Your Lift ?

Feel Free To Connect With Us ! We Will Definitely Help You With Your All Queries About Modifying Lift.


Response Time:2 – 4 Hours In City Location
Repair ServiceModule based replacement options
Warranty12 Months
Service TeamTrained Engineers and Technicians

Trustworthy Service !

As per type of policy, the products that we repair include and exclude will vary. There are three types of policies Comprehensive, Semi Comprehensive & Ordinary.

Service Related Common Questions

Most Elevator companies Recommend Scheduling maintenance services for your equipment every month. This can vary depending on your elevators make, model and usage as certain parts will require more frequent upkeep than others.

Your greatest priority when evaluating an elevator service company should be your return- on- investment. The condition of your elevator impacts the integrity of your property. With that in mind be sure to select an elevator maintaince company who respects your timeand your budget. At Reliable Lifts, we believe that great service does not mean a great expense. We provide cost-effective services and Realistic pricing structures that prioritize your service needs while respecting your budget.

Preventive elevator maintenance prolongs the life of equipment, reduces the need for major replacements, helps avoid unnecessary service calls , and mitigates risks and safety cocrens Routine inspection , lubrication and adjustment can keep your elevator in better operating condition for a longer period of time. Our technicians are advocates for preventive maintenance as the key to long term performance we’ll work with you to develop an affordable preventive maintenance plan according to your equipment’s current condition, make, model and usage.

Outdated, obsolete and worn-out parts not only hinder your elevator’s overall performance but pose safety risks to those using the equipment. Elevator downtimes can be frustrating to building occupants as they rely on the elevators to perform their daily activities. If you have noticed an influx of trouble calls, your building occupants have as well. If the costs of emergency service and your buildings image being damaged outweigh the costs of replacement, you should consider a modernization. Most elevators and escalators are designed to last approximately 15-20 years on average, any equipment older than this normally is deemed obsolete, and parts are difficult to acquire.

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